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Todays meeting.

-For all who are going: we will be meeting for the AIDS walk on 10th street ate marta station at 11 A.M. (sunday Oct. 17th)

-The National Day of Silence is April 21st. Obviously that day we will not be speaking... also try to dress in a solid color (preferably black). We will be protesting the silencing of GLBT students. Go to for the website.
**EDIT** We will have to speak on some occasions.  For instance, you must respond to the teacher when talked to.  We will need to come up with certain rules for the day of silence so that Mr. Duncan (or any other of the administration) will agree.  If the teacher chooses to allow your silence great, but don't expect them to.
We will need a list of set rules sometime by Feb.

-Our express yourself campaign will most likely be donating to Youth Pride.
Come up with ideas for buttons. (Bands, shows, etc. will probobly not work because all that fun legal stuff)

-Political Cartoon for Speculator? come up with ideas for Next weeks meeting.

-Happy Birthday to Tim!

Next meeting will be Wed. (as always) the 20th of Oct.

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